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William Morris - Pattern work, painting, and printing.

William Morris - Printing


During our Art topic this half term, the children have learnt all about the British Artist - William Morris. As well as understanding that he was a famous painter, poet and tapestry maker, the children have explored lots of different skills.

We started the topic by looking at samples of William Morris, wallpaper. The children discussed what they liked and what they could see. We decided that William Morris must of liked th outdoors because of all the plants and flowers used in his work.

We also discussed how William Morris used lots of repeated patterns in his work. 

The children completed observational drawings of plants and flowers, then chose their favourite Morris wallpaper sample and used a viewfinder to then sketch what was inside looking at simplifying the design. 

We then had a go at designing our own William Morris inspired sketches and used foam board to make a printing block. We had a practise of printing in our sketch books and then chose our favourite to use for our own pillow case. 

We used fabric paint to make repeated patterns with our print block just like William Morris’ work.