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Communication & Language

Reception 2023-24

Spring 2024

We use our continuous provision and role play areas to enhance our communication and language skills. We follow the children’s interests or celebrate important events through the use of role play and encourage the children to use social phrases and take turns speaking.

Autumn term 2023

We use all areas of our outdoor and continuous provision to encourage the communication and language skills of turn taking, listening and sharing ideas.

Reception 2022-23

Autumn term 2022

We listened carefully to instructions in the recipe and then added the right ingredients to make gingerbread.

We have been getting to know our Year 6 buddies. This is great opportunity for the children to talk about the activities they enjoy and then share this with their buddy.

Reception 2021-22

Spring Term 2022

Exploring our learning environment is a great way to hold a conversation, listen and express our ideas and feelings whilst we develop our vocabulary.

We love our role play area where we get to act out scenes from stories we have read and add our own creative ideas.

We discussed with our friends how to make the best Superhero building then created our design.

Autumn 2021

Playing with our friends gives us lots of opportunities to communicate with each other.

We had a lovely visit from ‘Animal take over.’ We talked about all the different animals, what they eat and where they live.

We love exploring our classroom with our friends.

We love our Time to Talk sessions where we get to spend time with Ginger the bear and our friends, listening to each other, talking and sharing.

We love exploring our outdoor area. It’s a great place to develop our communication and language skills.

The role play area is one of our favourite areas, with lots of opportunities to communicate with our friends and use our imagination.