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Collecting data

Telling the Time


Fraction work

Practising our Times Tables

Problem solving involving multiplying and dividing

Practising our Division

3-D Shape Work

Roll shape robot game

Place Value Pyramids

Consolidating our 2-d shape knowledge

Comparing numbers using base 10 representations

Place Value adding or subtracting 1,10,100

Unit Fractions and Non Unit Fractions

Multiplying and dividing by 10



Problem solving

Practical division

Times Tables Games

Multiplying, repeated addition, drawing arrays

Place Value challenges

Counting in 50s and a challenge using 50ps

Can you use the columns and only 5 counters to make 6 different numbers?

Ordering numbers

Ordering numbers using < or >

Representing numbers using base 10, Partitioning


Place Value



Multiplying and dividing by 10 using columns

Practising recognising 1/10s, decimal 0.1 and their pictorial representations


Multiplication- making arrays, writing x calculations

Practical formal calculating

Practising our formal calculating with regrouping and carry figures

Practising and discussion addition calculations

Learning how to do formal addition calculations

Adding, subtracting 100s

Problem solving using 1s, 10s, 100s

Counting in 50s

Ordering & comparing numbers

Using Base 10 and Place Value Boards

Times Tables Practise