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Other Special Events

British Science Week 2023- Busy Bees to Year 6 taking part in Science activities linked to the theme Connections

Phonics Stay and Read Workshop

Stable Lives - Equestrian sessions at Parbold Riding and livery stables. A wonderful time learning to care for rescued horses in our local community.

Mother’s Day assembly - Reception Class

We loved welcoming our families into our school for our Stay and Play session in Reception.

Science Week

We planted some wild flowers in Nursery! We have looked after and watered the seeds over the week and some of them have already started to grow! We learnt about what a plant needs to grow and about the life cycle of a plant.

Reception have been learning about growth. We planted different seeds, measured how tall we all are and compared ourselves to when we were babies. We also designed posters to showcase our learning.

Year 1 were challenged in an Egg Rolling competition. We designed and built our own ramps in a STEM activity and discussed how we would make them. We then had a competition to see who's ramp was the best to roll the egg the furthest. We talked about why the winning team won and what factors we would need to ensure a fair test. 

Year 3 saw a lamb and a calf being born on a live zoom feed from the NFU and then drew their own lifecycle diagrams

Year 3’s Glorious Mud! We collected some soil samples from different towns in our area to find out difference in the make up of the soil. This helps gardeners and farmers to know which plants or crops grow best in their gardens or fields

Safer Internet Day

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Year 4 - We watched a video about tips for keeping safe online and created a poster to stick on our laptop trolley

We discussed how we can stay safe online, and thought about different scenarios and the wise choice we could make. We designed posters to remind us to stay safe online. 

Year 3

This year’s theme was all about staying safe online when we are playing games. We watched a video about how to stay safe, discussed the “dos and don’ts” of what we should do when we are playing online. We then completed a quiz to test our knowledge and help keep us safe

Make Skem Shine - Litter Poster Competition