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Light- Transparent, Translucent or Opaque?

Making and Changing shadows

British Science week 2023

Does the person with the longest femur have the longest jump? Let’s find out

Sorting skeletons

Our trip to Brockholes - Plant workshop

We have been looking at different types of rocks (Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous). We have discussed the properties of the different rocks and then carried out investigations as to whether or not they were permeable.

Science week - we watched a lamb and a calf being born on a live zoom feed from the NFU then drew our own lifecycle diagrams

Year 3 Glorious Mud! We collected some soil from different towns in our area to find out what our soil was made up of. This helps farmers and gardeners find out what grows best in their fields or gardens.

Light- we tested objects to find some reflectors

Sorting light sources

Balloon Rockets- we made predictions about which surface would make our balloons travelled the furthest. String, Twine, Wool, or fishing wire?

The fishing wire was the smoothest, look what happened to our balloon rocket

Still image for this video

Friction- we tested different surfaces to see which surfaces make our cars go faster or slower. We learnt to change one part of our investigation to make our investigation a fair test.

Now which magnet is the strongest?

Testing materials to see if they are magnetic

How our muscles work

Our Science investigation: Do the tallest children have ALL the longest bones?

Year 6 , helping us to Make our moving hands models

Preparing for an investigation about our bones

Using Skelly to help us

Skeletons-Can we name those bones? We might need Skelly the Skeleton in class to help us 💀

2021-2022 Animals including humans-Healthy Eating and Skeletons- what we think we know

Taking care of our plants

Day 5

Exploring properties of rocks

Making compasses

Using magnets-paperclip experiment

Using magnets


Testing Magnets

Forces-Pushes and Pulls