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Spring 1 - Pointillism

Autumn 1 2023 - Mixed Media Rainforest Collage Display

Autumn 1 2023 - Mixed Media Rainforest Collage

Autumn Term 2022 - Rainforest Collage - final pieces

Autumn Term 2022 - Experimenting with cutting, tearing and folding paper

Autumn Term - The Rainforest - Colour Mixing (primary, secondary, tertiary, shades, tones, hues and tints)

Autumn Term 2022 - The Rainforest

Pointillism - Spring Term

We started our topic by finding out about the famous artist Georges Seurat. We created fact files and researched what pointillism is.


We then researched other artists who were influenced by Georges’ artistic style. We were art critics for the day! We talked about what we liked and disliked about each artists work and voted for our favourite piece. We soon realised that art is subjective as we all had different views. 


Optical colour mixing

Autumn Term 2021 - Rainforest Collage - Comparing artist’s work

Autumn Term 2021 - Using primary colours to mix: secondary colours, tertiary colours, shades, tones and tints

Autumn Term 2021 - Rainforest Art - Experimenting with curling, folding and layering paper