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Roman armour and female dress


The Romans in Britain - The Three Invasions and Julius Caesar

Local History field trip to the Beacon - Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 - The Great Plague

Autumn Term 2022 - Local History Study - The Beacon Point

Spring 1- The Romans 

Roman artefacts- We were very lucky to have some Roman artefacts in year 4! We researched each one in pairs and created a museum tour audio script. We added this information to our working wall and knowledge organiser.

Learning about the terms BC, AD, BCE and CE

Significant people: Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius and Queen Boudicca

The Great Plague

Creating plague doctor masks

Autumn Term - Local History Study - The Beacon Point 

As part of our history curriculum we walked to the Beacon Point. We planned our journey using ordinance survey maps and used four figure grid references to locate areas along the way (an opportunity to apply our geography skills!).

We found out when the point was built and compared it to photographs from over a hundred years ago. We looked at the viewpoint of Skelmersdale and discussed how the land use of the area had changed over time. Back at school, we created a knowledge organiser to help us to retain our new knowledge. 

Creating timelines