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Spring Term 2024 - Programming

Computing 22/23

Spring 1- Coding with Scratch

If your child would like to continue their learning in coding at home, visit the Scratch website at: 

Exploring the components of Scratch

Using variables in our codes to create a maths game

Autumn Term 2021 - E-Safety



We began our topic by looking at how reliable search results are when using search engines online. We discussed the impact of adverts and snippets and talked about why a business may pay to be the top of a set of search results. 

Spring Term 2021

 Exploring the Weather 

During our first lesson, we worked together to use a reliable website to record live temperatures from around the world. We then recorded our temperatures on a map. Finally we used Excel to create a spreadsheet to record our findings. In lesson two, we designed and made our own weather stations and presented these to the rest of the class. We also compared reported weather to the actual weather. 
In lesson three, we designed our own extreme weather machines. We researched extreme weather across the world and used a drawing programme to draw and label our machines. 











Lesson 2 - Weather stations

Lesson 3 - Extreme weather machines