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Summer Term

Mass & Volume

We have been learning about splitting objects into equal groups by sharing them. We have also been learning about how to work out half of a quantity.

Spring Term 


We have loved working practically throughout this topic. We have identified, ordered and sorted coins and notes. We have also passed around real coins to look at and identify the differences of each coin.

Non Negotiable’s- Number bonds

Autumn Term 1

Length and Height- We have found lots of ways to measure lengths and heights of objects, including using cubes and using cm on a ruler

We have been learning about more than, fewer than and the same as by comparing.

We have been matching numerals to words in maths.

Non-Negotiable (Key Skills)- We have looked at number representation using numeral cards, words and concrete resources and we have made lots of progress with our 2x tables.

3D Shapes- We have named and discussed different 3D shapes, built buildings/towers and numbered how many of each 3D shape was used and sorted the 3D shapes into different categories, including stackable and not stackable and 3D shapes with curves and 3D shapes with flat surfaces. We have also looked at different 2D shapes and their features.

Spring 2023

Autumn 2022

Autumn 2021 - Place Value