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Understanding the World

Nursery 2021-2022

We planted some wild flower seeds. We learnt about what a plant needs to grow and its life cycle. We have been watering and looking after our plants over the week and some of them have already started to grow!

We learnt about Chinese New Year! We watched a video and looked at pictures of China and talked about what we could see. We learnt about places in China that are different to where we live. The children had to sort a selection on photographs and decide if they had been taken in our country or in China. We also made Chinese fans and lanterns, tried some Chinese food and learnt a Chinese fan dance!

We made cornflour slime! We felt the water and the cornflour before we mixed them together and then watched how the cornflour changed when we added the water. We felt the slime in our hands and found out that the slime went runny if we kept our hands still and hard if we rolled it in our hands!

We have been using our senses to explore natural materials!