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Reception 2023-24

Summer 2024

We have been learning about doubling this week. To help us we used paint blobs and the folded the page in half to work out the answers.

Manipulating shapes- the children used 2d shapes to make a tangram puzzles.

Spring 2024

Composition of 5 - 5 little speckled frogs

Adding using Numicon - true or false

1 more and 1 less using Ten Green Bottles

We learnt about matching pairs. We were each given a welly and had to search for our matching welly pair.

Autumn term 2023

Creating repeating AB patterns.

Investigating who is the tallest and shortest in our class

Comparing amounts using the vocabulary more and fewer

Re-enacting A Squash and a Squeeze to develop an understanding of more and fewer

Matching cards

Finding matching pairs

Reception 2022-23

Spring term 2023

We have been counting pom poms and ordering the amounts from fewest to most.

Autumn term 2022

We have been playing a game comparing amounts and using a tally chart to record our points.

We have been re-enacting the story of ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ using the comparison vocabulary: more, fewer, most and fewest.

We have been finding pairs of cards that ‘match’

Reception 2021-22

Spring Term 2022

We have been using our 10 frames to count to 10, finding 1 more and 1 less. Some of us were also able to subitise!

Matching numeral and pictorial representations

Autumn Term 2021

Positional language

We found different ways to represent 10.

Making repeating patterns

Comparing lengths with the paint

Ordering numbers to 10.

We loved sorting our animals into those which were short and those which were tall.