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The use of computers and computer systems is an integral part of the National Curriculum and knowing how they work is a key life skill. In an increasingly digital world there now exists a wealth of software, tools and technologies that can be used to communicate, collaborate, express ideas and create digital content. At St James' Catholic Primary School, we recognise that pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced computing education with a structured, progressive, approach to the learning how computer systems work, the use of IT and the skills necessary to become digitally literate and participate fully in the modern world.


"I liked the links that computing has with codebreaking. We looked at how they used very early computers to crack codes during WW2 and that was really interesting." Robbie - Y6


"Staying safe online is so important! We learn about ways in which we can keep safe and what we should do if we are worried about any online content." Livvy - Y6