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St James' Catholic Primary School"We belong to the loving family of St James”

Who's Who

Take a look at our wonderful staff.

Please see below for roles and responsibilities 

Our Staff

Our Staff 1 Mrs Blacoe - Head Teacher
Our Staff 2 Mrs Bell - Deputy Head, Year 6 Teacher
Our Staff 3 Mrs Draper - SENCO, Year 2 Teacher
Our Staff 4 Mrs Skeldon - Foundation Stage Lead
Our Staff 5 Miss Lee - Year 1 Teacher
Our Staff 6 Miss Bradbury - Year 3 Teacher
Our Staff 7 Miss Wright - Year 4 Teacher
Our Staff 8 Miss Browning - Year 5 Teacher
Our Staff 9 Mrs Murray - School Business Manager
Our Staff 10 Mrs Cowell - School Business Assistant
Our Staff 11 Mrs Spencer - Pastoral Care and TA3
Our Staff 12 Mrs Jenkins - TA3
Our Staff 13 Mrs Wohler - Pastoral Care and TA3
Our Staff 14 Miss Lunt - TA3
Our Staff 15 Ms Morgan - TA3 Foundation Stage 1
Our Staff 16 Miss Nelson - TA3 - Foundation Stage 1
Our Staff 17 Mrs Beddoes - TA2 & Welfare
Our Staff 18 Miss Carrigg - TA2
Our Staff 19 Mrs Lewis - TA2 & Welfare
Our Staff 20 Miss Marshall - TA2 & Welfare
Our Staff 21 Miss Low - Welfare
Our Staff 22 Miss Wilding - Welfare
Our Staff 23 Mr Ward - Caretaker
Our Staff 24 Mrs Sutton - Cleaner


Mrs A. Blacoe (Child Protection & LAC Lead Professional Appraisal, RE and Lead DSL)


Deputy Head

Mrs J. Bell (Back up DSL)


Teaching Staff


Foundation Stage

Mrs. Skeldon (EYFS Lead and Geography Subject Leader)

3 Year Old Provision - Miss M. Morgan

2 Year Old Provision - Miss L. Nelson & Miss D. Carrigg


Key Stage 1

Year 1 – Miss S. Lee (Art & Design, Design Technology and Computing Subject Leader, Website and Social Media, Student Teacher Mentor)

Year 2 - Mrs A. Draper (SENCO, KS1 Curriculum Lead, Student Teacher Mentor, NQT Mentor, Music Subject Leader)

Key Stage 2

Year 3 – Miss. N. Bradbury (P.E & MFL Subject Leader)

Year 4 – Miss N. Wright (English and History Subject Leader)

Year 5 –  Miss T. Browning (Maths and Science Subject Leader)

Year 6 – Mrs J. Bell (Assessment, KS2 Curriculum Lead, Student Teacher Mentor, Collective Worship)   

Pastoral Support- Mrs L. Spencer (Backup DSL)


School Administration Staff

Business Manager – Mrs M. Murray

School Business Support Officer  - Mrs L. Cowell


School Support Staff

Mrs P. Jenkins

Mrs L. Spencer

Ms M. Morgan

Mrs L. Lewis

Mrs S. Wohler

Mrs C. Beddoes

Miss L. Nelson

Miss S. Marshall

Miss N. Lunt

Miss D. Carrigg


Welfare Staff

Mrs C. Beddoes

Mrs D. Macleod

Mrs L. Lewis

Mrs G. Lee

Miss S. Marshall

Miss E. Carrigg

Miss S. Low

Miss C. Wilding


Site Supervisors

Mr T. Ward


Cleaning Staff

Mrs. A. Sutton