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Leon and the place between

Escape from Pompeii

Online chat with author and illustrator Christina Balit

Role Plays

Prepositions with our Woolly Mammoths

Postcards to Brockholes

Woolly Mammoth Fact Files

Planning Diary Recounts and Writing persuasive postcards

Preparing our ideas for our Diary Recount- Talking Trios

Comparing Sentences using The Egyptian Cinderella

Our Quatrain Poems

Learning about Quatrain Poems

Role Playing a Playscript of a fable

Sharing our own fables

Re-telling the fable The Hare and the Tortoise

The Place between here and there

Leon and the place between- Presenting our circus skills

Leon and the place between - Group discussions


Persuading letter- Letter to Mr Penguin

Out standing Book Area Opening


Letters to Mary and Joseph

Letters to the three kings from Angel Gabriel

We three kings

Egyptian Cinderella

The Egyptian Cinderella

Remembrance Quatrain Poems