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Egyptian Cinderella

The Egyptian Cinderella

Remembrance Quatrain Poems

The Ant and the Sloth

Let us innovate…..The Ant and the Grasshopper becomes The Ant and the Sloth

The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Lion and the Mouse

The Gorilla and the Monkey

What would the animals say?

2021-2022 Acting out our fable The Hare and the Tortoise

Escaping from Pompeii

Leon and the place between

The Twits

Exploring expressions and feelings-showing and telling

The Egyptian Cinderella- Exploring Rhodopis’ feelings.

Some of our ‘Children in Need’ Quatrain Poems

Our Remembrance Day Quatrain Poems

Twisting a well known fable then turning it into a play script. Based on ‘The Boy who cried Wolf!’ here is Y3’s version of: ‘The lifeguard who cried Jellyfish !’

Writing a Play Script using a supported frame. The Snake who wanted limbs

Using stage directions- Humpty Dumpty’s conversation with Alice

Freeze framing from our playscript.

Collecting ideas for our own fable

Acting out Fables

Reciting our Hare and Tortoise Poem

Still image for this video

Fables Storyboard