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Spring 2- Plants

We conducted our own experiment to observe plants in different conditions over time. We have placed 4 plants in different conditions - damp and dark, damp and light, dry and dark, dry and light. We then wrote our predictions and will come back in a couple of weeks to write our results. 

We planted our own bean plants! We will give them enough water and light whilst watching them grow. 

We made predictions before conducting our experiment to test what conditions cress needs to grow. 

Look at our bean plants grow! 🌱 

Spring 1- Living things and their habitats

To begin our topic, we explored outside for things that are living, dead and never been alive using the 7 life processes. 

We looked at lots of different Microhabitats in our local area and went on a minibeast hunt! We collected woodlice and did a choice chamber experiment, we found that woodlice prefer dark and damp conditions! 

We researched and created our own habitats and spoke about all the different animals that live there, as well as what these animals need in their habitat! 

Autumn 1- Animals including Humans