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Spring Term - States of Matter

Spring Term - Electricity

Diary Entry - Alan the apple’s trip through the digestive system

Paediatric Dental Lecturer Visit 

This afternoon we had a very special visitor. 

Robyn Spencer who is an ex pupil at St James’ is now a paediatric dental lecturer at Liverpool University, took time out of her very busy schedule to come and talk to the children about dental hygiene and how to look after your teeth. 

The children had some fantastic questions and answers for her and it was so lovely to see them remember lots about our science topic. 

The children were respectful and listened really well too. 


Autumn 1 - Teeth Experiment

Autumn 1 - Teeth

Autumn 1 - Digestive System Experiment

Autumn 1 - 2023 - The Digestive System

Summer 1 - Sound - Exploring how sound is made

Spring Term 2 - States of Matter 

To launch our new topic we carried out the dancing raisins investigation. We observed what happened to raisins when placed in a glass lemonade and then discussed what we saw. We soon found out that the carbon dioxide bubbles in the lemonade attached to the rough surface of the raisins and acted like buoyancy aids. The gas bubbles lifted the raisins to the top of the glass where the carbon dioxide was released into the air. The raisins then sank to the bottom and the process started again until all the carbon dioxide in the lemonade was gone. We were able to discuss our findings using scientific vocabulary and added our thoughts to the working wall. This then helped us to distinguish between solids, liquids and gases. 

Spring Term 2 - Exploring the melting points of different chocolate experiment

Spring Term 1-Electricity

Drawing circuits

Our working wall reminds us of our key vocabulary and what each component does

Creating a mind map for electrical appliances.

Experimenting with one and two bulbs in the circuit. We noticed that the more bulbs added the dimmer they become.