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Spring Term 1-Electricity

Creating a mind map for electrical appliances.

Experimenting with one and two bulbs in the circuit. We noticed that with each bulb that is added into the circuit, the dimmer they become.

Functions - we worked together to research and present the jobs of the different parts of the digestive system.

Autumn Term 2021 - The Digestive System and Teeth


We began by completing a concept map to evidence what we knew before the start of the topic. We will do this again at the end.   





Recreating the digestive system

Summer Term 2021 - Soundproofing Investigation

Summer Term 2021 - Using instruments to explore pitch

Summer Term 2021 - Sound

Autumn Term 2020 - Exploring Food Chains

Autumn Term 2020 - Plaque and decay experiment

Autumn Term 2020 - Making a model of the digestive system

Electricity- Making safety posters

Electricity- Circuit making