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FS1 Nursery

Welcome to the Nursery of St James' Catholic Primary School!


What do you offer?

We offer part time and full time sessions, including lunch, Monday to Friday, term time only. Here at St James' we take children from 2 years old and we also offer free places, which can be claimed the term after your child turns 3. We also offer the government 30 hour scheme.


When do your sessions run?

We comprise of two sessions, a morning and afternoon. 

Morning session:

8:30am- 11:30am


Afternoon session:

12:15pm - 3:15pm


Is there a uniform?

Yes, please follow the link to our uniform information:

Please ensure that every item of uniform (including shoes) are labelled clearly with your child's name. We also suggest that children have Velcro shoes to assist during PE sessions.

Each child will need to bring a pair of wellies, and bring the necessary warm clothing as we will be outside a lot. 


How can I help my child?

Your child will receive a 'Proud Cloud' home communication book when they start with us. This will allow you to share your child's learning and experiences outside of the school setting. It will also give you an insight in to your child's personal targets to enable you to support your child at home in these areas.

Children will receive a story book of the child's choice from our school library for you to read to your child at home, you can encourage your child by asking questions about the story and the characters. We will provide you with a list of example questions that you can use. In addition to this, we will also provide children will a picture book and when they are ready, they will progress to a reading book.


Suggested activities to help at home:

  • Counting as your walk upstairs
  • Recognising familiar numbers and letters in familiar environments
  • Singing nursery rhymes
  • Moulding letters and numbers from play dough
  • Practice mark marking with a variety of tools e.g. pencils, sand, felt tips, stamps
  • Reading repetitive stories and encouraging your child to predict what will happen next e.g. Room on the Broom, Brown Bear Brown B ear, Going on a bear hunt, Pass the jam Jim
  • Encourage your child to role play a story they know well e.g. The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood


Do you follow a curriculum?

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which places focus on providing an environment which supports children's Communication and Language, Physical  and Personal, Social and Emotional development. All children will have the opportunity to engage in activities of different themes during the course of the year. They will also access independently, all the learning areas within the indoor and outdoor provision. These have been carefully planned to meet the children's interests.


What areas are available?

Mark Making


Our focus in Nursery is firstly for children to develop fine motor skills and enhance their pencil control. We work hard to build children’s confidence and enjoyment in writing throughout both the indoor and outdoor setting.

A range of opportunities are made available to encourage writing for different purposes such as signs, lists, letters and invitations. Our aim is for the children to understand that their mark making can convey meaning in order to prepare them for the transition into Reception.

Reading Area

The reading area and listening area further promote understanding that written symbols carry meaning. Children can explore books independently, share a book with an adult or another child or listen to a story on a CD, initially decoding using the pictures. Using puppets the children are able to act out familiar and traditional stories.

The Maths Area

The maths area creates opportunities for children to understand number, number formation, shape, space and measure. We explore these subjects through practical and real life experiences throughout the setting. Examples of this include shape and number hunts throughout school, measuring animals, exploring capacity in the water area and money through role play.

The Creative Area

In the creative area children are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of media including; paints, a selection of sized brushes, printing equipment, gluing, modelling and various other materials. This work is then celebrated and discussed with the children.

The Role Play Area

Role play is an essential outlet for children’s feelings. The home corner is equipped with most items that ‘home’ provides giving children the opportunity to recreate real life experiences. We change the role play area regularly, linking it with our termly topic.  This gives the children the opportunity to develop their imagination and learn new vocabulary.

Outdoor Play

The outdoor area is equipped with resources to give the children the opportunity to practice gross motor skills such as climbing, cycling, throwing, catching and building. The children enjoy imaginative and role play in the outdoor area, using a variety of resources.

We believe that the outdoor environment should be an extension of the indoor provision offering the children the same opportunities to learn and consolidate key objectives in both areas.

Further information

NO SWEETS OR SNACKS IN NURSERY PLEASE. We have several children and staff within school with allergies.

Your child will receive a piece of fruit daily and will have access to water and milk throughout the session.

NO TOYS IN THE NURSERY. Please leave toys at home. We have sufficient toys in the Nursery and would hate for your child’s personal items to be misplaced or damaged.

How do I apply?

If you want to find out more information about our availability of places, please contact our main office on 01695 728989.