FESTIVE THURSDAYS! -------- 3rd December - Children to wear own clothes and bring £1 --------- 10th December - CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY - Children to wear Christmas jumper and bring a small stocking or filler for the Skelmersdale Stocking Appeal -------- 17th December - Children to wear Party clothes and to bring a small plate of party food for the afternoon.
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St James' Catholic Primary School"We belong to the loving family of St James”

MFL - Miss Bradbury

Modern Foreign Languages Subject Leader - Miss Bradbury

MFL – Spanish at St James Catholic Primary

Although it is not compulsory to teach MFL across KS1, we will informally create opportunities to introduce some Spanish vocabulary through actions, songs and rhymes. Across KS2, the children will have opportunities to speak, listen, read and respond in writing in Spanish.



Evaluated Action Plan 2019-2020