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Autumn 2021


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Today in computing we were focusing on considering the feelings of people around them, even when engaged in fun online activities.  

We used the following Key Questions- 

  • Why should you take a break from a device when a friend says hi?- It’s important to pause and acknowledge the people around you. The people in real-life might want to tell you something important, ask a question or play with you. 
  • Why should you invite your friend to play when they are all alone?- Just like in real-life it is important not to exclude anyone…this is the same on a device. 
  • Why is it a good idea to turn off your device before going to bed?- Doctors say that it is best to sleep without devices turned on so that we don’t get distracted whilst we are trying to sleep. 
  • Why should you ask permission before taking someone’s phone?- A phone or tablet is someone’s personal property, you should always ask permission before taking someone else’s device. This includes your parents/carers. Treat their devices with respect! 

Staying safe online

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