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Around the World with St James’!

Geography WOW Day 

November 2019


During the Autumn term our children took part in our Geography WOW day ‘Around the World with St James’. Throughout the Autumn term each class had been studying and learning about one of the seven continents. During the WOW day our children got to immerse themselves in their particular continent to help deepen their learning in an engaging and inspiring way, and to help embed the key knowledge and skills which they have been developing. 


Take a look below to see what each class got up to during the WOW day last year. 

Foundation Stage  - Canada, North America


The children in Foundation Stage watched video clips of Canada and talked about similarities and differences between our school grounds and parts of Canada such as the Rocky Mountains. They learnt about types of animals that live in Canada, including brown bears, polar bears and caribou. The children created observational chalk pictures of the mountains and lakes in Canada and also got to try some yummy Canadian food... maple syrup! 

Year 1 - Australia 


The children in Year 1 spent the day looking at key physical and human features of Australia and compared these to the UK, including landmarks, cities and animals. The children learnt about the Aboriginal culture and created art work based upon this. They also got to make (and try!) a traditional Australian cake, the Lamington cake. Throughout their topic on Australia they had been learning about and monitoring the weather, and compared this to our weather in the UK.

Year 2 - Antarctica 


Year 2 had an exciting day learning about Antarctica! They looked at physical and human features, such as the Antarctic landscape, and compared these to the UK. The children also learnt about how people adapt to living in cold environments and got to try on some special clothing designed for extremely cold climates. Further to this, after learning about types of food in Antarctica, the children made some special flatbreads. Throughout the topic the children had been learning about the seven continents and five oceans, animals that live in Antarctica and Explorers such as Ernest Shackleton.  

Year 3 - Africa 


During our WOW day Year 3 completed a wide range of activities. These included learning about maps and the position of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as well as the northern and southern hemisphere, discussing types of settlements within Africa, and making traditional African Ndebele Huts. The children also learnt about traditional African dance and artwork. Later in the topic the children went on to learn about climate zones and types of animals that might live in Africa.

Year 4 - Rainforests of Asia


The children in year 4 had been learning about the rainforests of Asia, including the different levels of the rainforest such as the forest floor and the canopy. The children also learnt about the types of animals that live in the rainforest, as well as the wide variety of fruit that grows there. During our WOW day the children got to sample some of these fruits! Throughout the rest of the topic the children had also learnt about deforestation and biomes.

Year 5 - Italy, Europe 


During our WOW day Year 5 spent time learning about some of the key physical and human features of Italy, including learning about landmarks such as the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Venice and Lake Como and Maggiore. They had also researched Italian traditions such as food and festivals. Later in their topic the children studied other countries in Europe and learnt about time zones, including why some countries have more than one time zone, capital cities and the varying climate within Europe.

Year 6 - Brazil, South America 


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed learning about South America. When studying Brazil, the children found out about human features of the country including population sizes, demographics, types of industries, religion and languages. They also studied physical features such as the amazon, rainforests and the Andes, as well as types of animals that live in these regions. The children also learnt about climate zones, the southern and northern hemisphere and the equator and where countries within South America are situated in relation to these. One activity the children particularly enjoyed during our WOW day was sampling Brazilian coffee and chocolates when learning about the coffee and cocoa industries within the country!