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The PTFA approached The School Council in Autumn 2015 as they wanted to donate funds raised from past events to improve the quality of play times for both Infant and Junior children. The budget presented to the Council from PTFA was £3,500. The School Council spoke with the classes to find out what the general feeling was like regarding on the potential investment. The Council took the suggestions back to the PTFA from what other children had suggested in different classes. "Playsound", a Skelmersdale based company was contacted and came into St James' to listen to the ideas presented by The School Council. By the end of the meeting which took place in the school staff room, it was decided that a "4-Way Shoot" should be purchased for both yards, with the on the infants to be smaller in height. It was also decided that  the infants would benefit from more resources and these were:


  • A chalkboard which could be attached to a new fence between Infants and Early Years
  • An outdoor storage box for playtime equipment
  • A 1 metre square to be painted on the playground for children to stand in when skipping or throwing balls to each other.


In the new year, "Playsound" returned to St James' to mark where the "4-Way Shoots" are to go on both yards.


Going forward: Our new school council for 2018/2019 have met twice already this Autumn Term and have decided what changes they would like to make in our school. Watch this space to see what they have been deciding.