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Religious Education

Religious Education


At St James’, we value the Religious Education and Collective Worship above other core subjects.  As a Catholic school, we use at least 10% of our curriculum time on RE from Reception up to Year Six.  This equates to 2 ½ hours per week, per class from Reception upwards and 1 ½ hours in Nursery.   We also conduct Collective Worship in different forms across all classes, including Nursery.  

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Spiritual and Moral Development Policy

Year 3 Spotlight Assembly on St James

Loving topic - Advent- Expectations

 Year 6 launched their new RE topic by working in groups to discuss the meaning of the word expectations. They thought about expectations others have of them, the expectations they have of others and how we feel when people don’t live up to expectations. They recognised that when others have high expectations of them it helps us them to succeed.


Judaism In Year 3

To celebrate the end of our RE topic ‘Vocation and commitment’ Year 6 worked with their buddies to create their own wooden mosaics. The mosaics represent the childrens’ vocations as role models to each other. They used pictures and words to represent their thoughts and feelings. It was lovely to see our oldest and youngest children working as a team.

Year 4 Celebration of our Belonging Topic

Foundation Stage - Welcoming a new baby through baptism.

Year 1 Celebration - Belonging

Year 2 Respond Celebration, Baptism/Confirmation, Signs and Symbols

Year 3 Celebrating our Promises topic

Year 3 Promises Topic- We performed role plays to show the important role of the Godparents in the Sacrament of Baptism

Judaism: Year 5

Year 5 re-enacted the story of Exodus through freeze frame poses.

Respond Celebration: Confirmation/Baptism - Life Choices - Year 5

Respond Celebration - Family - Ourselves - Year 5

Respond Celebration - Family - Loving - Year 6

Re-enacting the story of the Prodigal Son - Year 6