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St James' Catholic Primary School"We belong to the loving family of St James”

Library Rules

At St James' Catholic Primary School we love books, to make sure that we look after our books and our library properly we have some rules we like to follow:

  •  Treat the books carefully, making sure you don't rip or tear the pages.
  • Walk sensibly when you are in the library.
  • If you have enjoyed a book, make sure you tell your friends about it.
  • Bring your book back in as soon as you have finished reading it so you can pick another one.
  • Put the books back where you found them, if you aren't sure where to put it, just ask one of our helpful librarians.
  • Try and read books from as many different authors as you can.
  • If you want help choosing a book, just ask our librarians- they will be happy to help you.