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In the pictures below you will see our history lesson from today! 


Mr Ward found an old tin in our school field, we were able to be archeologists and uncover the tin with brushes and careful digging. We guessed about what could be inside and then opened it and realised it had to be a memory box from a holiday to the seaside. It had souvenirs, sweets and really old pictures inside. It must have been over 100 years old! We then talked about whether we should put it back once we were finished and discussed the reason for and against putting it back, we had a conscience alley to make our final decisions.

Our history discovery

We recently had a special visitor in our class. Frank, our time traveller, came to visit us to answer all our questions about what life was like in Skelmersdale in the past. We had so much fun learning about what our town used to look like.