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Summer 2: Pinocchio

Year 2 have started their Pinocchio topic. We have discussed character descriptions, looked at tricky words and using a dictionary to find the meanings to later add into our own writing, and have created story mountains for our own story about a toy that comes to life!

We have looked at the key features of a non-chronological report and how they are presented with a title, introduction, subtitles and lots of information! Then we researched our chosen subject (space themed) and created our own!

Summer Term 1 

Stories on a theme- Thumbelina

We have started our new topic Story on a theme in which we have been looking at the story of Thumbelina. We have predicted the story using a story map, sequenced the story, used role play to act out the story and lots more! We now know and love the story Thumbelina.

Throughout our Thumbelina topic, we have identified key features of a diary entry and then written our own diaries in first person, as if we were Thumbelina. We have also used dictionaries to look for the definitions of some words within the book that we didn’t quite know.

Non-Chronological Reports

Spring 2 Term 2022

Creating our own instructions!

Today, we have started our new topic on instructions. We explored some instructions and wrote down what we noticed about them.

Planning our own traditional tale with a twist! First, we made our plan and now we are writing our story in stages. We can't wait to share our stories with each other.

Today has seen the start of our new topic "Traditional Tales with a Twist'. We have explored our new book 'Prince Cinders' trying to make predictions about what it is about and who the character might be.

Spring 1 Term 2022

This term, we have been looking at poetry. After a vote in class, we decided to focus on the poem 'Walking with my Iguana' by Brian Moses. Today, Year 2 performed the poem with the masks they had created.

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As part of our Guided Reading lessons, we have been reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. Today, we had a go at drawing our own wild things!

Today, we have listened to poems by Brian Moses and Michael Rosen. We loved the rhythm of both poems!

This week, Year 2 have been planning their adapted animal adventure story. We have used one the Paddington Bear stories and changed some of the features to make it our own. Today, we have sequenced our story.

Autumn 2 Term 2021

As a class, we have written our own acrostic Christmas poem. We thought about the nouns and adjectives we could use before writing it together.

Practising using commas in a list. Great work Year 2!

This week, we have been rehearsing for our spotlight assembly on Friday. We are getting better each day!

Today, we have explored the text and used a dictionary to look up the meaning of the words. We have also tried to find more rhyming words for sad, door and pack.

Autumn 1 Term 2021

Our persuasive job advert for a new cat!

Practising our handwriting

Learning about how adverts persuade us to buy things!

Hot seating the mouse from Mossop's Last Chance

A list of questions we would like to ask the mouse from Mossop's Last Chance

Acting out the story of Mossop's Last Chance